Today is a Big Day!

This afternoon we will undergo our annual Certified Organic inspection administered by NOFA-NY (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York). 
The inspection is typically rigorous, thorough, yet cooperative.  While we have a certain amount of angst related to this important event, we understand that having a third party approved by the USDA inspect and certify us annually as organic gives us credibility when we say our chicken and eggs are certified organic.  
These days, the term "organic" is thrown around without much thought regarding what it means.  Many farmers say that they follow organic practices, but how do you really know?  If that's true, why aren't more farms certified?  At least if your farmer is certified organic, you know that there is an organization that audits your farmer and insures to the best of their ability that the products are in fact, in compliance with organic practices.  We complain about the audit trail and the paperwork we must maintain, but we understand why it's important and we support the discipline required.  
One week soon, we will discuss what exactly it means when we say our chicken and eggs are certified organic.  We think you will find that interesting.  Wish us luck!