Hometown Pride

This weekend, don't miss our new Old Bay Mayonnaise made with our Organic yolks, avocado oil and featuring the famous Maryland spice blend of Holly's home state.  In the Chesapeake Bay area, Old Bay is on every dining room table and this mayonnaise is a great accompaniment to seafood and chicken.  It would also make a killer plate of deviled eggs!

Shear Madness!

This week our favorite shearer from the Long Island Livestock Company returned to get our flock in shape for summer heat and help us harvest the wool for our Cotswold Collection of 2017.  Meanwhile, the yarn from last season's shearing has been dyed, spun and is going into production this month for our 2016 Collection of classic sweaters available this Fall. It's amazing how much time, and the number of hands, that goes into making one woolly item! 

You Know I Like My Chicken Fried

This weekend, find fresh white broilers (Cornish Cross) and Red Broilers (Poulet-Rouge) available, as well as cuts of chicken.  The "Whites" are plump and juicy birds with more breast-meat while our "Reds" are richer, with more developed dark-meat flavor.  Also find our packages of Cut-up chickens.  It's a great weekend to fry up a batch of our favorite recipe from the Lee Brothers for Southern Fried Chicken.  Or spice it up with Blue Ribbon's Northern version.  Either way, indulge now before it gets too hot to even think about turning on the stove.  

Season Opener

   For a limited time, try our Petit-Pullet eggs while they are available.  These are smaller eggs, the first laid by our new hens,  and contain rich, dark yolks.  They are the perfect size to serve poached over local asparagus. 

We are happy to report that our first flocks of Cornish Cross (White Broilers) and Poulet-Rouge (Red Broilers) have been processed and are ready for holiday barbecues.  Also find our cut-up chickens available for easier grilling. 

April Fools

This season, we've hired a crew of 6-year-olds as our new farm apprentices. They are already hard at work and raising the chickens. It is just taking some time for them to adjust to the demanding schedule of the farm.  
Just Kidding!  Actually, we welcome our new farm apprentices today, Sarah and Sean.  Most recently, Sarah worked at Pat's Pastured in Rhode Island and Sean was at Stone Barns Center in Pocantico, NY.  And Dennis is continuing on with us for his fourth season.

Broiler Season

New baby broilers arrived; a mix of red, grey and silver chicks. We'll have a variety of new meat chickens available this season for you to try. Our certified organic chicken will be available starting the weekend of Memorial Day.

Think Spring!

Sunshine-y days have us dreaming about tropical climates (and summer days at Bailie Beach) and we are craving island food like Marcus Samuelsson's Fish Burger with Egg and Bajan Mayo. 

Eggs and seafood are the perfect match!

The Winter Egg Share has ended and  Summer CSA Shares start on June 3rd so be sure to sign-up and guarantee your dozen every weekend.  Chicken Shares are still available, too.

Road Trip to Battenkill

Holly is on her way upstate today with 300 lbs of raw wool and 270 miles to travel to Battenkill Fibers Mill to prepare our yarn for next Winter's Cotswold Collection. Meanwhile, back on the farm, we are anticipating the arrival of baby lambs any day now.   Our new laying hens were moved out of the the greenhouse brooder, where they have spent the Winter, and had their first week on green pasture.  Be sure and plan a visit soon to meet the newest members of the farm.