The Story of the Little Gerrys

The Story of our “Little Gerrys”

Farming on the North Fork since 2009, the first restaurant to support our small farm was The North Fork Table & Inn.   As a tribute to our friend and Chef, Gerry Hayden, Browder’s Birds is growing special flocks of pastured chickens this season specifically for local restaurants and our retail customers. 

Dubbed the “Little Gerrys”  - also a nod to the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets a rooster and names him “Little Jerry” -  some highlights of how these chickens are raised:

·         Fed daily vegetable scraps from the food prep at North Fork Table and Inn in a true   “farm to table to farm” concept

·         Fed daily rations of certified organic feed
·         Live on a transitional organic pasture planted with clover, alfalfa, fescue, timothy grass, orchard grass and rye grass in bottomless pens providing direct access to bugs and forage
·         Moved daily to fresh pasture and live outdoors with access to fresh air and sunshine
·         All of these chickens are raised on our 16 acre farm in Mattituck
·         USDA processed
In addition, a portion of the sales proceeds of these chickens will be given to a Love Shared to support ALS research. We hope you enjoy the unique taste, texture and story of these truly local chickens.

Holly and Chris Browder