Birds and the Bees

This week we added two beehives to our farm. We'll keep two types of honeybees - Italian and Carniolan.  The Italians are gentle bees and excellent honey producers.  The Carniolans originated in Middle Europe, are extremely docile and are good builders of wax honeycombs. We're happy to report the bees approve of their new home and immediately set to work collecting pollen from a field of early Golden Rod blooms.  We look forward to offering local honey to our customers soon!

The Sag Harbor Express has published a great Harvest Magazine this month. There is a piece on North Fork 'Meat with a Local Pedigree' that talks with the farmers at McCalls Ranch, 8 Hands Farm and Wells Farm.  And check out the article on Browder's Birds and 'Chicken 101'.
Our organic eggs continue to sell out quickly each week so please come early to purchase them at your local farmers' markets!
Holly and Chris