Hurricane Preparations

After consulting with many local farmers about our options, we made the decision to move all the chickens on our pasture into the barn at Charnews Farms starting tomorrow. The Peconic Land Trust is allowing us to use a second barn bay as we'll have over 400 chickens to house and different ages will have to be kept separate from one another. It's a lot harder than it sounds. All the chickens will have to be caught, put into cages and transported to the barn in batches. Then we'll secure the empty pens out on the pasture with rope.

The laying hens will also move into the barn, along with their coop, until the storm passes. The smallest chicks are only 3 days old and we plan to house them in cardboard boxes with water and feed, and use their brooder for larger chickens.

Today, Chris dismantled the entire processing area and our tent. Needless to say we won't be processing as usual on Monday! But hopefully by Wednesday we'll be back together again and back on schedule.

Finally, the Land Trust also lent us a generator so if we do lose power than our freezers (and inventory) will still stay cold. Please don't worry about your CSA chickens! Stay safe!!

Holly and Chris