Organic Certification Update

We just received our organic certification certificate for the 2012 season! We now have certified organic chickens & certified organic eggs for sale every week.

Many people have asked, what does certified organic really mean? It means that a third party certification agency (NOFA-NY) has verified our records and practices to insure that:

1. Our chickens live on a pasture that's been free from ...herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides and other prohibited substances for at least the last three years.
2. All of our pasture seeding is done with certified organic seeds
3. All of our chicken feed is certified organic
4. Our chickens have outdoor access and in our case, live outdoors
5. Our processing and other management practices meet organic requirements.

There is a significant of amount of record keeping and paperwork that we must adhere to and we are thoroughly inspected each year. Nevertheless, we believe in organic management and we're willing to make the extra effort to insure that we meet these requirements.

Thanks for all of your support.